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Studio Policy and Pricing 

Rhodes Violin/Viola Studio Policy 


  • Students will need to supply their own instrument, books and materials.

  • Students that arrive late will only receive the remainder of their lesson time.

  • Canceled lessons: If I cancel a lesson, I will offer a make-up lesson on another possible day. If the student cancels the lesson 24 hours in advance, a make-up will be offered. Lessons canceled by the student less than 24 hours in advance of the lesson and missed lessons will not be made-up.

  •  I will make up/reschedule no more than 2 lessons per term (Fall and Spring).


Tuition and Fees: 

  • $86.00 per month (30 min. lessons). Discounts offered for 45 min. ($118.00) and 60 min. ($150.00) lessons. 

  • In lieu of raising my monthly tuition fees to keep up with inflation, I have decided to keep tuition the same and instead take a few weeks off each semester.

  • I do not charge by lesson, but charge a set, monthly fee to be part of the studio. 

  • Tuition is due by the 6th day of each month.

    • $10.00 late fee 24 hours after the 6th day of the month. $20.00 late fee if payment is more than a week late.

    • No refunds after lessons have started for the month.

    • If you wish to discontinue lessons, notice a month in advance is required.


Practicing and Preparation:

  • Students are required to practice within 10 minutes of their lesson length. Meaning, students with 30 minute lessons need to be practicing at least 20 minutes 5-6 days a week. This is the minimum that is required. 

  • Lessons may end early if the student has not practiced and properly prepared.



  • Please arrive on time to each lesson.

  • Come prepared with all materials and books.

  • I will end lessons early if the student is being disrespectful.

  • No gum, candy or food in lessons. Water is fine.



  • Recitals will be held twice a year. 

  • An accompanist is required, I will supply an accompanist for the entire studio or you can find another accompanist. Plan on at least one rehearsal with the accompanist and myself. Accompanists generally charge a reasonable fee for their time. 

  • Recitals and studio classes are required. A month’s notice in advance for the time and place will be given.

  • Recital pieces must be memorized 1 month in advance to the recital



  • Parents are required to come to lessons and take notes for students ages 4-12

  • Please do not bring a child to lessons if they are sick/contagious. I will offer one make-up lesson per semester if your child wakes up sick and at least 4 hours notice is given. A zoom lesson is also an option.

  • Practice with your students regularly.

  • Read and respond in a timely manner when necessary to emails, phone calls, and texts.

  • Please ask questions and give feedback.


Schedule and Lesson Length:

  • Lessons are most effective when taken all year long. 

  • Students who have completed Suzuki Book 1 are strongly encouraged to move to a longer lesson time. (45 min. or 60 min, weekly lessons)

  • Plan on regular weekly lessons except for the following days:

    • Christmas break/New Years 

    • Spring Break

    • Memorial Day

    • 4th of July

    • Labor Day

    • Fall Break

    • Thanksgiving Break

    • Teacher Breaks


Supplemental Activities

  • School orchestra (MWSA and Ambassadors, middle and high school, various community orchestras).

  • Cache Chamber Music Program for students 6-12th grade. School year and Summer sessions.

  • Cache Youth Symphony 

  • Summer Music festivals and camps (USU has a fantastic chamber music camp in June for students ages 14-18).


Book a Make-up   or Trial Lesson  

For the students in the studio needing to schedule an alternative lesson time or for prospective students to schedule a trial lesson

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